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Skin Type Test:

First of all, decide what skin type you have. This is important because it will determine which products are ideal for your skin. There are five primary skin types: normal, oily, combination, dry or sensitive skin. Many people ignore what kind of skin they have. When you aren’t following the right skincare routine for your skin, it can result in having an oily face with dry flakes on the nose and forehead or extremely flaky hands with a shiny t-zone. The first step is to assess your skin type by doing this simple test: Skin type test.

  • Press your cheek lightly with your hand, if the skin bounces back quickly, you have combination skin:
  • If there is no tension on the skin when you press it and it takes at least two seconds for it to return back to its original state, this indicates dry skin;
  • If the skin takes a bit longer to return to its original state and there is a slight tension, you have normal skin.
  • If the skin doesn’t bounce back at all and remains in its pressed position, this indicates oily skin;
  • If your cheeks are extremely flushed or red after pressing lightly with your hand, you may have sensitive skin.

Skin Type + Product + Action = Outcome

When you have identified your skin type, it is time to select which products are best for you. Every skincare product has a Skin Type + Product + Action = Outcome formula. This means that every product will give certain results depending on your skin type, what the product is and how it is applied.

From here, it is time to learn a little more about your specific skin type!

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